We are a Husband and Wife team, married almost 26 years, and have been blessed with four beautiful children, the oldest of which is in the Presence of God.

We endeavor to live a healthy lifestyle while living on a budget, feeding a child with Special Needs who must be on a gluten free, dairy free, soy free diet, as well as trying to lose a few extra pounds ourselves.

We are learning about herbs and minerals and other natural health products, realizing though, that Christ is our ultimate Healer and all things are in His Hands. This is a journey that is taking us down some roads we have never been on before, learning about new and natural products and writing about them, while other well worn paths are like friends to us since we have been walking them for quite some years. We know that adventures lay ahead, and we ask you to join us and feel free to give us some input as well.

Blogging is also very new to us, and it has taken over two months just to muster up the courage to start this page. Please be patient with us and help us as we learn new things and perhaps get help from some seasoned travelers.

As the name indicates, we will be writing about a little bit of “dis” and a little bit of “dat”.

May God bless you as you join us on our journey.

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